Shana London Smiley bag: making me happy one Swarovski at a time

I can’t think of many things that would make me happier than this Shana London Swarovski-studded Smiley bag. Encrusted with enough crystals to cheer up any hungover bedroom flor outfit, the yellow lacquered wood is also mega-cheery. It’s available here for a not unreasonable £720. I say not unreasonable because it includes Swarovskis AND they say it has room for an iPhone – which is more than can be said for a lot of my handbags.

However… If you’re looking for an easier/cheaper way to get happy, there is an alternative.

I was recently contacted by internet legend, the Fairy Hobmother. This greater being appears as if by magic on blogs and hands out rewards to happy, hard-working bloggers – now isn’t that nice?

I left an innocent enough comment on Tamsin’s blog and was rewarded with enough Amazon vouchers to buy all the 1920s fiction I could carry so… who knows what could happen if you comment on this post?

Feel free to leave a message below to be in with a chance of the Fairy Hobmother paying a visit to your blog and granting you a wish. Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Shana London Smiley bag: making me happy one Swarovski at a time

  1. i have to admit that i’m not taken by the smiley bag 😦 i am a Swarovksi addict, and love the Dior charms that come with Swarovksi elements in them. i also used to buy the bicone beads to make suncatchers and charms of my own, so i would probably have preferred it if i could arrange the crystals differently.

  2. I hate that I’ve been too busy for what seems like the last decade to update my blog. Grrrr. But hey, the homepage still has a rant about hats so I’m sure anyone visiting will think I’m lovely… NOT. Love this bag, but then I love anything that costs more than £700 yet fits in a casserole dish. It’s a sickness.

  3. Hello! I think that bag would look good with my Rihanna/Nirvana T-shirt. I want to win stuff. I haven’t won anything in AGES. Probs since my Blue Peter badge in 1994. If I win this I might even cancel my National Lottery direct debit (one Lucky Dip a week, winnings in the last year = £10).

  4. I want to be granted a wish. I’d selflessly spend it on Christmas presents so everyone wins! PS I just had a look at that website and I LOOOOOVE those jewel-encrusted clutches. Pity my fave one is a mere £1,824!

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