British Hairdressing Awards 2011: What I’m wearing

On Monday night it’s the British Hairdressing Awards, aka, the Oscars of the hairdressing industry. People always laugh when I say that, but that’s fully what it is – and I’m not just saying that because it’s our event. Last week Andy got his hair cut and when his stylist referred to it as such, he was amazed that it wasn’t just something I said but an actual real accepted term. See!

Outfits are, of course, a huge part of the night and finding something to wear starts to feel like a full-time job in itself as November rolls on. Anything high street is out (too risky); it’s got to be dressed-up, but not try-hard… Hairdresser black tie is the given term for the dress code, but that can be interpreted very, very loosely. Every year around this time I start spotting outfits on the high street that are going to be BHA hits – this year it’s this River Island sequin maxi and this Topshop gradient sequin prom style.

One of my jobs on the night is ~street-style~ photographs, so in a way the challenge is on even more – I can’t be taking photos of imaginative outfits dressed in the same Topshop as everyone else, right?

It’s all very melodramatic and a nice problem to have, but a problem nevertheless.

Anyway – I got my outfit this week. It’s this Whistles Melissa dress, which I plan to wear with spotty opaque tights and my old faithful black suede Office pumps. My favourite thing about the dress is its dirndl fastening – the best thing about Whistles dresses is the unexpected details, and I had no idea about these until I saw it in IRL in the shop.

My old faithful Luella pink metallic mock-croc bag is big enough for notepad and copious pens, but the best part of the outfit is my new earrings.

Sent to me by the Earring Boutique, the Venus Chandelier Earrings combine mother of pearl with Swarovski Elements crystals for a deco-ish vintage design. I proper love them. The Earring Boutique describes them as;

Inspired by the eccentric glamour of the Hamptons elite in the sixties…

Pretty perfect, right? Thank you so much to Jenny and the Earring Boutique for a fabulous gift that is going to make my outfit complete, I’m so happy with them!

So excited for Monday night – feel free to follow the action on if you want to know who the best in the hairdressing biz are – and see me at my most !!!!!ENTHUSIASTIC!!!!!

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