Christmas at the Geffrye Museum


The Geffyre Museum is one of London’s finest (fairly) hidden gems, especially if you’re into design and decor. It’s always an interesting (and free) place to visit, but at the moment the museum is playing host to a festive exhibition which makes it an even more exciting place to hang out.

Located just off Kingsland Road in Shoreditch, the Geffyre comprises a row of almshouses, each of which is decorated to represent lifestyle and interior trends from throughout British history. Rooms represent home life from the 1600s up to the present day and it’s surprising how looking at people’s chairs, tables and carpet choices gives such an accurate insight into how people lived their lives in the past.

At Christmas, the rooms all get given a festive twist and are decorated with the trimmings relevant to the era – including pretend food. Incidentally, making pretend food for museums used to be one of my fantasy jobs as a child – I’m still quite taken with the idea, especially  after today’s visit.

It’ll come as no surprise to find that the 1930s deco-decor flat was my favourite – even more so because it was dressed to represent a young couple hosting a festive cocktail party, rather than a family get-together. I’m not quite as anti-happy families as this blog may have you believe, but it was nice to see a different take on Christmas. The only other exhibit that didn’t features a family and kids was the 90s house where the DINKYs* were having a Nigella turkey with their pals, true story. Thank you, Geffrye, for your useful placards reminding me of the term DINKY, which I hadn’t heard since year one contextual studies at university.

I was also into the mid-century house (bottom right) – obv.

The exhibition is on until 8 January and there also a few special events taking place at the museum while its on.

*DINKY = double income, no kids… yet.

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