Furcoat does Christmas: Buy me things

1) I’ve wanted this Abigail Ahern Poodle Lamp for a long old time – what a beaut! I imagine it in a boudoir style dressing room, as I can’t imagine Andy would want it anywhere in public view. 2) I love Butter London products and am pleased to report that they’ve now they’ve got in on the nail wrap game. Featuring flowers and a mysterious little bird, these Nail Skins are amongst the most beautiful foils I’ve seen.

3) and 4) I predictably love anything with a spike. Give those prongs a golden finish and it’s even better. This duo of bangles from ASOS would be a snazzy addition to any festive outfit while the Maria Francesca Pepe pearl and stud ring is the perfect combination of elegant and tough.

5) Imagine sweeping around in the snow in this bad boy. Topshop has really pulled it out of the bag this season with their jackets – this black faux-fur beast might be a bit pricey but it weighs a metric tonne and firmly ticks the timeless box. 6) My silk pyjamas from M&S were the best thing I bought last year and I firmly feel that I should layer them up with this art deco-ish floral print gown. The print is even better IRL and you can also buy matching underwear.

7) I think most people would be content with something from Miu Miu on Christmas day – this colourful sparkly number is about as fine a piece of costume jewellery I’ve ever seen and I assume it’s enormous. 8) Imagine how much better you’d feel about drinking booze all the time if you were sipping it out of these colourful long-stem liqueur glasses? They’ll sit perfectly atop my 1930s bar which is still waiting to be transported from Sheffield by a kind soul with a car.

9) Perfume is fool-proof in terms of a present choice. Tom Ford Black Orchid might be a cliche but it also smells fucking delicious. Grown-up, a bit weird and in super-sexy packaging. Perfume for a grown-up, innit. 10) Never thought I’d be lusting after Juicy Couture but these furry earmuffs are marvellous. As well as combining furry earry bits with a sparkly headband, they also have a special hollow so you can stick your earphones through them. Amazing!

11) Leopard print, a peace sign, Topshop-branding…. it’s a no-brainer. Also at the more wearable end of my fantasy Christmas wishlist. Thanks Topshop! 12) Firmly at the other end of the scale, this Alexander Wang Jane bag would be the dream. I saw it hanging in Liberty the other week and it was the heaviest, leatheriest thing ever.


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