Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) Isabelle’s Christmas playlist is even better than mine. Listen to it!

2) This montage of sloths is the best animal-related thing I’ve seen this week.

3) How to Turn Down a Drink at Christmas. Should probably have read that before the office party transcended into a game of I Have Never last night.

4) I hadn’t visited the Andrew WK store for a while, but following his one-man fashion show this week I was reminded of how much good stuff it contained. I’ll take the Party Til You Puke shirt.

5) Finally got to go to Mishkins with Isabelle, Laura, Harriet and Emily. Here’s a tip for you; take a Monday off and get pissed at lunchtime with your mates on champagne cocktails, using burgers and macaroni cheese to soak up some of the damage. I thought it was brilliant and have just made two bookings for Christmas sooo… [Pic = theirs]

6) So now I have a new food dream. The Balcon at St James – charcuterie and champagne in surroundings inspired by Coco Chanel’s deco apartment. Uhm dreamy.


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