Wallis Simpson at the Little Black Gallery

Well, not quite Wallis Simpson. It’s actually Andrea Riseborough as Wallis Simpson, in Madonna’s upcoming W.E. film which you’ve already seen me harp on about here, here and here.

Just a little heads up for fellow Wallis-ites… Photographer Anthony Souza has a smell pre-Christmas exhibition on at London’s Little Black Gallery, featuring behind-the-scenes and on-set shots of the film – as well as some of his personal shots from India.

Madonna hand-picked the 25-year-old to document her upcoming drama and tasked him with capturing the style of Cecil Beaton’s original photographs of the couple. He was on hand for every single scene filmed, so there should be plenty to enjoy.

Anthony says: “I was visually inspired by the sets and costumes, and the romanticism and visual elegance of the scenes, which made me approach the photos as artistic works and not just publicity stills.”

The exhibition is on until 20 December at the Little Black Gallery, which you can find at 13A Park Walk, London SW10 0AJ

In related news, you can win a pair of signed W.E. prints from Anthony on the Stylist website at the moment. Find out more here!

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