Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket gifts: all the fun of the stripes, less money

It’s that time of year again when I crack out my Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket coat and am faced with a) bemused comments about how colourful my jacket is, and b) hysterical screaming from Canadians.

You can read my old post explaining all about the stripey magnificence and history of the Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket coat here, but for now here’s another use for the bay blankets – a limited edition bag from Rebecca Ray.

I think I would die happy if one of these ended up under my Christmas tree, particularly with the dog rosette finish – although it also pains me slightly to think of someone hacking up such a beautiful piece of fabric, even when the end product is awesome.

You can buy plenty of blanket-related paraphernalia on the Hudson’s Bay site too, with everything you could possibly imagine emblazoned with the distinctive four stripes.

I do sometimes wonder which hat to wear with my jacket – what with all those colours it can be a challenge. Answer is quite clearly a knitted had in coordinating colours. Buy it here or ask your mam to knit you one, which is what I will be doing. Perhaps.

Why do you get to be the only one all wrapped and toasty? Selfish bastard. The Hudson’s Bay hipflask not only features a cracking crest reminding everyone where your bad-ass jacket is from, it also comes complete with its own miniature coat made out of a little ol’ square of blanket. Dreamy.

It snows a lot in Canada so it makes sense that they take snowman building more seriously than most. If you want to ensure your snowman is comfortable showing his face in the crowd, why not finish off with this snazzy Snowman Kit? Oh yes, as well as a miniature blanket scarf, you also get a wooden carrot, buttons and a pipe for the ol’ feller. What an increds present for a hardcore Hudson fan. Like me.


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