Beauty and the Beast: Elegant Touch Envy Wraps

I’m a firm advocate of getting your nails done professionally (at WAH or Nail Girls ideally) but sometimes time is tight and money is even tighter and you still want a jazzy manicure to cheer you up.

Sheffield is sadly lacking in good places to get your nails did (or at least places with a personal recommendation), but I found these Elegant Touch DIY nail wraps in Superdrug and as they were about a fiver, I thought they might be worth a bash. Amongst the usual metallic designs (tiger and leopard and the like), I found these interesting ones – I thought they were super-zoomed-in crystals or diamonds or something, but I’ve just discovered that they’re called Scrunched Aluminium which I can also see.

To use, you simply peel the stickers off and place them over your nail then file off the ends to shape. Easy. They suggest putting a basecoat on first, which I duly did, but I think they would have had better grip without it and with nails buffed instead. They also suggested a topcoat – again, I don’t think it was necessary but I did it anyway.

They’re supposed to last five days, which I’d say was about right – you can see in the picture that it’s not entirely flush on the bottom of the nail, but after taking this picture I squidged it down again and they stayed relatively flat over the whole of Christmas including throughout my ventures in the kitchen.

All in all, no replacement for a proper manicure but a decent enough way to tart up your nails for a few nights and at that price you can’t argue really. I’ve seen a few on beauty blogs where people have done a much better job, so maybe I was just a bit cackhanded. I did do them in bed after a couple of ales.

You can buy them in Boots and Superdrug (although I can’t find them online) and, of course, on Amazon.

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