Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful for a Friday in my life – this first week of January seems to have been a total bastard for myself and everyone I know, both personally and professionally. Still, onwards and upwards – we’ve got the first working week over and that’s something.

1) If you’re not at work this afternoon, say goodbye to Christmas in style at the Geffrye Museum’s annual burning of the holly and the ivy. There’s singing and story-telling and mulled wine, if you can handle it. Sadly it’s on from 4-5pm, but if you’re sciving work you should go.

2) Alternatively, let Iso inspire you and make galette des rois to celebrate Epiphany Frenchy-style. You can find out how to make it and more about the festival here!

3) Phooey! Entertain yourself for all of five minutes with some 1940s yearbook slang on the always-amazing Teenage blog.

4) Make a date in your diary: on January 19th bookings re-open for a night in London’s most amazing hotel – the boat on top of Queen Elizabeth Hall. Living Architecture’s latest project is sold out until June, but you’ll soon be able to buy a night in the second half of the year at this awesome location. I’m proper excited about the prospect of a night aboard the ship (you get the whole thing to yourself, btw) – find out more and prepare to book here!

5) I took a considered approach to sale shopping this year, buying better but less – I think. The See by Chloe cat jumper that I’ve been obsessed with most of the year went down to £80 from £220 (!!) at Urban Outfitters and with £30 credit for something I’d returned it didn’t seem too much of a flash purchase.

I also got this Maria Francesca Pepe pearl and stud ring, down to £63 from £100 at good old ASOS. It’s still available and I fully love it – excellent buy.

6) Oh, and it’s annual stocktake time at London Zoo which means pictures of animals being counted. Yay!


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