Susan Caplan Vintage highlights at ASOS

There’s nothing better than ostentatious costume jewellery and ASOS has a fine selection from vintage expert, Susan Caplan. A guru in the world of antique finds, Susan has a fine eye for all things vintage and bedazzled – here are some of my favourites from ASOS.

Vintage Lea Stein Emerald Green Fox Brooch, £69

Nice little 60s fox from Lea Stein – the original queen of plastic jewellery. The combination of curving lines and emerald colouring make it feel a bit art deco, right?

Susan Caplan Vintage Enamel Lion Drop Earrings, £165

If you’re going to do 80s door knockers, you might as well do ’em properly. Buy them in memory of Pat Butcher, eh?

Vintage Chanel Gilt Metal Merine Blue Star Clip Earrings, £475

Well, I never said it was cheap. Nice though, aren’t they?

Vintage Chanel Octagon Logo Brooch, £484

Proper weakness for 80s Chanel, obviously. Love the textured gold detail on this, like a snazzy Ferrero Rocher wrapper.

Loads more less expensive picks on ASOS, and even more on the Susan Caplan site.


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