Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. Right so, I was watching a documentary about the history of music halls on BBC4 and naturally they started talking about Wilton’s in East London. A quick look at the calendar informed me that this April they’re putting on a production of The Great Gatsby. It sounds fucking brill – you can get tickets and find out more here and I’d advise booking ASAP because that venue, that production, and those prices…

2. I really enjoyed this interview with Lloyd Johnson on the Guardian and eagerly anticipate the return of La Rocka! this summer. There’s a little exhibition on of some of his work at the Chelsea Space – if you’re into menswear, rock and roll and London subcultures, I guess you should go.

3. This vintage Chanel waistcoat is incredible. It’s also very expensive.

4. The BBC has been really good this week. As well as the music hall documentary, I really strongly suggest you watch The Rules of Drinking which documents the country’s interest in booze – from ye olde days when beer was more hygienic than water and most toddlers had a couple of pints a day, to the GLORIOUS 1920s and war years, ending up with binge-drink Britain… which, uh, actually they argue isn’t all that bad. Definitely a good watch. You can see it here!

5. ASOS has got the world’s most perfect sunglasses in. I’d buy ’em, ASAP – and while you’re at it, best read Jess Cartner-Morley’s article on hot rod pastels to get you in the mood for wearing them.

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