Bone to be Wild

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have a reputation for a lot of things, but I think it’s safe to say that being well-dressed isn’t one of them. Even the most ardent fan would probably be forced to begrudgingly accept that their only real contribution to the fashion industry is a new and unique way to wear socks. Or, a sock.

That said, I have long held a fascination for the meathead character played by David Sheridan in both the Universally Speaking and By the Way videos. You grow up on a diet of MTV2 and tell me you didn’t enjoy those videos, regardless of your thoughts on the band. Hm?

His Bone to be Wild t-shirt has been top of my fantasy clothing list ever since I first laid eyes upon it (that’s ten years, frighteningly) but I’ve never got any closer to finding it.

Miss Selfridge has something close at the moment – the equally pun-tastic Bad to the Bone vest. Close, but no cigar.

[Pic c/o V&A]

Of course both designs are presumably inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s Rock t-shirt, carefully crafted from chicken bones procured from her local takeaway.

I could make a joke at this point about living in South East London, DIY and chicken takeaways. But I won’t.


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