I finally get Elizabeth Olsen

I like an Olsen as much as the next girl, but hadn’t been entirely convinced by Elizabeth’s style credentials until this week. I mean sure she’s pretty, she’s talented, she’s presentable… but where’s the bananas gene? The mad nana aspect? So far, so pleasant.

A delight, then, to see her in this Topshop Tiger Sweater at Sundance this week. A rococo masterpiece, all black and gold, chains and tiger print. I particularly like the tigers standing proudly by a pile of foliage, which kind of resembles the dismembered corpse of a dinosaur. Or is that just me?

On the subject of tigers;

Awesome tiger-themed letter [click to enlarge, of course].

Dream Versace shoes that still haunt on my mind.

And another Versace tiger offering – a dress dating back (is that weird to say?) to 1994. Gianni at his finest.

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