Beauty and the Beast: Viktor & Rolf launch Spicebomb

I’ve always been a fan of musky, masculine scents so when I was invited to a launch party for Viktor & Rolf’s new men’s scent, Spicebomb, I jumped at the chance.

The Dutch duo have always been favourites of mine – Flowerbomb was the first ‘proper’ perfume I loved and the night I spent with Jon at the opening party for The House of V&R at the Barbican is still up there in the most lol-fashion nights out I’ve ever had.

As for those butch fragrances, Andy wears Dior Homme [sexiest men’s scent of all time] and as well as nicking a bit of that, I also like to dowse myself in Comme des Garcons MAN EDT and L’Occitane per Homme. What can I say? I like to think of myself as Una Troubridge, lounging in a library, smoking a pipe, with a monocle.

It’s time like this I rue not having a proper camera – but that dark, industrial-looking shot just above is actually a pretty accurate representation of the adventure Viktor & Rolf took us on. The warning to wrap up warm for the event proved to be accurate, as we ended up supping cocktails in the depths of a Charlotte Street carpark. Much like Frank’s, we made our grand entrance in a goods’ lift and following some moody scene-setting, torso-heavy films, a ear-popping explosion of scented glitter introduced us to Spicebomb.

The bottle’s a hand grenade, we were introduced to it with a semi-deafening boom – no surprise then, that the scent is a bit of an explosion itself. The press release describes it as, ‘a sensual bomb’ – ooer. It kind of is though – you get a big immediate whiff of leather, tabasco and vetiver before it calms down into a lasting spicy, peppery scent. You can see the three key ingredients – along with Viktor & Rolf’s trademark specs – in that cute promo image up top.

As predicted, I love it.  I’ve given it to Andy officially, but I’ve been wearing it myself this week. Heady, heavy and spicy – just the thing for a budding Una Troubridge, really.

Prices start at £45 and it’s on sale in Harrods now and nationwide from 7 March.

Thanks Viktor & Rolf and Handpicked Media for a fun night!


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