Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) Thank you Laura for sharing this with me. I think me and Cher have a lot in common and frankly its bizarre we aren’t IRL BFF.

2) I found this picture of The Saguaro hotel in Palm Springs earlier this week and have been fantasising about staying in the colourful palace ever since. I’ll take the lime green block, please. If you do happen to be in Palm Springs, I also read this neat article about things to do in the area today so no excuse for just lying by the pool.

3) Linda Evangelista is my second favourite supermodel and this delightful Jonathan Adler needlepoint cushion celebrates her marvellous model ways. Maybe if you slept with it on your bed and refused to go to work, your boss might give you a pay rise? I dunno, worth a bash. It’s $60 at Kirna Zabete.

4) Weekly dose of Guardian animal pictures!!

5) Looking for something to do tonight? Lucha Britannia is bringing its own unique brand of lucho libre Mexican wrestling to the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green for one night only. Tickets are £15 and the dress code is described as ‘exotic, erotic, quixotic or just damn Luchatastic’ – which all sounds rather exciting. Find out more here.

6) Alternatively, come and see Henry Rollins with me! The beefcake babe is at the Southbank Centre tonight and there are still tickets available. I’ve seen Hank on every spoken word tour he’s done for the last five years and he’s always fantastic – even if you’re not a hardcore fan it’s impossible not to be engrossed by him. Remaining tickets here!


ELLE Italia makes me hate winter too

Another day, another glorious summery magazine cover. This time it’s ELLE Italia with lashings of beautiful Blumarine worn perfectly by Alima Fontana. I’m a sucker for pink, florals and an ostentations oversized print from a flashy Italian fashion house, so good news all round.

Etsy continues to be a magical place to find weird 60s psychedelic floral bits and bobs. See ‘Eye-Popping’ Neon Brooch and rather big (3.5″ x 3.5″) vintage Flower is Power pin.

Diptyque launches Rosa Mundi

Diptyque do a decent line in limited editions and this spring’s offering is no exception. Rosa Mundi is named a nice after a nice and gloomy historical tale of ill-fated love and also uses a pun – the fact it smells of roses is really only a minor detail for me after factoring all that in.

[This isn’t Rosamund, it’s actress Maude Fealy as her and I found it here]

Here’s the story. Rosamund Clifford  – or Fair Rosamund to her pals – was Henry II’s mistress. When the affair was uncovered she retired to a nunnery where she remained until her death, as a lot of royal mistresses seem to have done. When she died, her shrine became a local shrine – until a visiting bishop banished her remains for the church for being a harlot. Those meddling bishops.

Anyway, the not quite-so true story that Diptyque have ran with is that Rosamund was poisoned by Queen Eleanor and with his heart broken, the kind commanded that Rosamund’s grave be blanketed with Damask roses every year on the anniversary of their meeting. Apparently, her tombstone read: “Here in the tomb lies the rose of the world, not a pure rose; she who used to smell sweet, still smells – but not sweet.” Lol wut?

Myths aside, what does the Rosa Mundi scent smell of? Poison? Deceased harlots? Actually it’s Centifolia and Damask roses and the blend has been carefully composed to recreate the multiple aromas of the flowers as they blossom over time.

Here’s where the pun comes in. Rosa mundi is latin for rose of the world. Her name was Rosamund. See?

Anyway, last season I bought the limited edition Rose Eros duo and, as with everything Dipytque, they smell increds and after burning for about five minutes your entire house is flooded with the stuff so they last for ages too. Available at all the usual Diptyque stockists for the princely sum of £40 – that’s a year’s worth of delicious smell, and you get a historical tale to recount to boot.

L’Officiel Paris makes me hate winter

The new L’Officiel Paris issue feels like a bit of a punch in the nuts. Why would you produce such a joyous, colourful, juicy treat of a cover when it’s so cold, miserable and depressing in January?

That turquoise instantly makes me thing of Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra make-up, while the delicious Dolce & Gabbana fruit and veg print lead to a lunchtime of Googling vintage tropical paraphernalia. [Fruit & Flower Stamp Collection,  1950s Fruit Pins]

And I didn’t include any pineapples in this post.

I’m on Pinterest, obviously

Just a quick one to say that I’ve succumbed and joined Pinterest. What can I say? I was hungover and needed something else to waste time on.

Predictably, you can find me at

It’s essentially more of the same (and a lot of Núpsstaður chapel, above), but do feel free to follow me if that’s what you’re into. I’m sorry to say I have omitted the apparently vital ~dream wedding board.

I’m also still Tumblr-ing all of my favourite hair, here.

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. Right so, I was watching a documentary about the history of music halls on BBC4 and naturally they started talking about Wilton’s in East London. A quick look at the calendar informed me that this April they’re putting on a production of The Great Gatsby. It sounds fucking brill – you can get tickets and find out more here and I’d advise booking ASAP because that venue, that production, and those prices…

2. I really enjoyed this interview with Lloyd Johnson on the Guardian and eagerly anticipate the return of La Rocka! this summer. There’s a little exhibition on of some of his work at the Chelsea Space – if you’re into menswear, rock and roll and London subcultures, I guess you should go.

3. This vintage Chanel waistcoat is incredible. It’s also very expensive.

4. The BBC has been really good this week. As well as the music hall documentary, I really strongly suggest you watch The Rules of Drinking which documents the country’s interest in booze – from ye olde days when beer was more hygienic than water and most toddlers had a couple of pints a day, to the GLORIOUS 1920s and war years, ending up with binge-drink Britain… which, uh, actually they argue isn’t all that bad. Definitely a good watch. You can see it here!

5. ASOS has got the world’s most perfect sunglasses in. I’d buy ’em, ASAP – and while you’re at it, best read Jess Cartner-Morley’s article on hot rod pastels to get you in the mood for wearing them.

Still obsessing over plaid skirt suits

It probably shouldn’t, but this 1967 Seagram advert warning about the dangers of drinking and driving got me thinking about my continued search for a Clueless-style checked skirt suit.

The risk is you look like an overgrown schoolgirl, the payoff is you look awesome.

ASOS Premium Collarless Textured Jacket and Skirt, £90 all in

Vintage Tartan Suit, $48

Pendleton Plaid Wool Skirt Suit, £65

Any size check, small or big… any length skirt, jacket… any colour… Just still can’t find one that totally does it for me.

Alice in Wonderland: 1966

Still not feeling at my best, so here’s some more nice pictures to look at. This is the 1966 version of Alice in Wonderland, made for the BBC by Jonathan Miller. It’s a bit more sombre than other versions with heavy Edwardian dresses and a mane of amazing textured hair on Alice herself.

Not the biggest fan of Alice in Wonderland, but this adaptation is kinda gothic which makes it instantly more appealing. You can watch most of the film online here!

Fun fact: the soundtrack is by Ravi Shankar.

Susan Caplan Vintage highlights at ASOS

There’s nothing better than ostentatious costume jewellery and ASOS has a fine selection from vintage expert, Susan Caplan. A guru in the world of antique finds, Susan has a fine eye for all things vintage and bedazzled – here are some of my favourites from ASOS.

Vintage Lea Stein Emerald Green Fox Brooch, £69

Nice little 60s fox from Lea Stein – the original queen of plastic jewellery. The combination of curving lines and emerald colouring make it feel a bit art deco, right?

Susan Caplan Vintage Enamel Lion Drop Earrings, £165

If you’re going to do 80s door knockers, you might as well do ’em properly. Buy them in memory of Pat Butcher, eh?

Vintage Chanel Gilt Metal Merine Blue Star Clip Earrings, £475

Well, I never said it was cheap. Nice though, aren’t they?

Vintage Chanel Octagon Logo Brooch, £484

Proper weakness for 80s Chanel, obviously. Love the textured gold detail on this, like a snazzy Ferrero Rocher wrapper.

Loads more less expensive picks on ASOS, and even more on the Susan Caplan site.