Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) It’s been a bumper week of magazine-purchasing for me, with ELLE Collections and the new ELLE Decor top of my WH Smith wishlist. I had no idea Marie Claire were bringing out their own seasonal trend round-up, but picked up Runway anyway because it looked pretty neat and had a dog on the cover. It’s dead good, loads of nice features and some really clever, imaginative spreads. My favourite, obviously, is the Gatsby page above – I love a collage at the best of times and when that collage features flapper-ish gear, more’s the better. Buy it, I really recommend it.

2) Daphne Guinness has put her 5th Ave apartment up for sale. There’s nothing I like more than nosing around at celebrity real estate and although there aren’t many pictures of Daphne’s place, it’s enough to whet my appetite. It’s only £14million! Check it out here.

3) This morning Ellen tweeted these meme movie posters. I don’t know if this is old news, but I hadn’t seen them. These are a couple of my favourites, but you can see the whole the series here.  I want oh my god, trampoline! next.

4) Last night Harriet and I stepped well and truly out of our comfort zones with a night of cocktails at the opening of the new venture from Gaucho, Galante. It’s not often I find myself in Sloane Square out of choice, but we had a top night out and the cocktails were legit the best I’ve ever had. So delicious and the tasting platter was pretty decent too. It’s inspired by one of the world’s most famous bartenders, Santiago ‘Pichin’ Policastro, who shook up [lol] 1930s Argentina with his magical drinks and charming persona.  The bar is a beautiful homage to art deco, all the waiters are handsome and dressed in white tuxedos and while it’s definitely on the pricey side, it’s worth it for a treat. I rate the Bon Voyage.

5) London Underground expert, Annie Mole (!!), has chosen her favourite tube station clocks! Fascinating stuff.

6) Banana Republic is launching another Mad Men range! This time around, costume designer, Janie Bryant, has been inspired by the show’s country club scenes – SWOON! That means lots of capris and cardigans for the Bettys and sweater vests and polo shirts for the Dons. It launches on March 1st – 24 days before season five airs.


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