What I wore to the wedding that never was

So as some of you know, I was due to go to a wedding last weekend. Unfortunately, the eight hours of snow that fell in Sheffield on Saturday put pay to that idea. We were really holding out hope that we’d still be able to make it to the venue (a barn in the middle of the countryside, uh oh) but by the time we saw kids sledging down the main road with not a care in the world, it kind of became apparent that no vehicles were going to be able to get us there. I’m all for snow as a general rule, but it kind of sucked.

Anyway, as I’d spend weeks mithering about what I planned to wear I figured I’d share it anyway. Here’s what I wore to be stranded in a pub and go for a curry – Topshop grey and black furry stole, coral and gold tassled belt from Primark, dream gold shell clutch from Accessorize and favourite old earrings from The Earring Boutique.

wedding outfit

As for the dress, I ended up buying something from Primark… of all places. I actually went in every single women’s clothing shop in Westfield and couldn’t find a bastard thing I liked, but this Mulberry rip-off caught my eye and that bright apple green is always a flattering option for me. Also, I obviously wanted to be like Kate Middleton. Soz if you have an epileptic fit, it was the only way to disguise the fact that I looked like I wanted to murder someone.

Anyway, the good news is that I have another wedding coming up in March so maybe I’ll give the green dress a re-run. Or, more likely, I’ll buy something new that I actually like.


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