Friday Late: Bright Young Things

I don’t suppose there’s too much point in writing about an event at the V&A which has already happened, but with my brain still frazzled from fashion week and not much else going on, you’ll have to deal with it.

As predicted, the Bright Young Things event at the museum was fantastic – music, booze, 1920s shit, a guest-list that read like a who’s who of my Twitter mates… what’s not to love? I made a smashing slogan badge (ably modelled above), drank Prosecco and Old Fashioned-s and generally had a top night.

Not really a review,  but points to take home from the evening:

  • Dom James and his Dixie Ticklers are a really fantastic band! They were in the main hall all night and played some fantastic rousing jazz numbers – you can find out more about them (and listen to them) here. I’m pretty sure they played the Jeeves & Wooster theme tune for me, but that could have been the booze talking.
  • The pop-up Cecil Beaton Photography Studio allowed you to pose in a mock-up of his famous (and my favourite) photo of the ‘Soapsuds‘ group. You can see everyone looking swell here – obviously there’s not one of me, seeing as how I’m allergic to photographs.
  • Jealous of my badge? You can learn some neato 1920s slang of your own here and then, I guess, craft a badge with it printed on.
  • One of the highlights of the evening was a reading of Cecil Beaton’s diaries – I know, how rude. I used to get in big trouble for reading other people’s diaries as a child and now it’s sold as entertainment? You can read the diaries yourself (and they’re dead worth it) by investing here.
  • Warwick University are putting on a production of Vile Bodies later this year and the dress rehearsal took place on the night. I only saw the last few seconds (too busy boozing, eh?) but the cast have a blog about the production here and if you happen to be in Warwick over the next few days, you can buy tickets for the play here.
  • Hugo Dalton’s floral illustrations were projected all over the V&A on the night – delightful stuff, which you can see more of here.
  • The next Friday Late is themed around the Spring Equinox. Bodacious. Why would you want to miss out? Find out more here.

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