A New York Shopping List

I am – excitingly – heading back to New York this week and although it’s a business trip (with special visa and everything), I’m still hoping there wil be some time to burn a bit of my paycheck. Who am I kidding, I have carefully planned every spare second to enable me to shop as much as I can and fritter away every penny of my weekend working bonus.

Here’s what on the list:

Opening Ceremony x Glamour Cat Sweater

OPI x Sephora Trend Tips

As many Heath bars as I can carry

As much Kraft Mac and Cheese as I can carry

Marc Jacobs lol-shirts

The most ostentatious phone case I can find

A DL & Co Gold Skull Snuffer (so I can be like my secret hero)

A sandwich and a pint at Bierkraft

Happy Socks from the hotel mini-bar. Yes, the Standard has Happy Socks in its mini-bar – it’s that kind of place.

Madewell Rosebud Skirt

In God We Trust Flask

Any requests? I reckon I still have room in my suitcase.

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