Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) As I’m heading to New York… What New Yorkers think about Londoners, via the NY Times. I wouldn’t say it was entirely accurate, but it was a fun read.

2) Vanity Fair is getting excited in advance about the potential 1920s fashions in season three of Downton Abbey. I don’t blame them.

3) In 1928, The Savoy created a cocktail to celebrate the leap year. Created by the hotel’s legendary bartender, Harry Craddock, the Savoy Cocktail Book says the drink was: “responsible for more proposals than any other cocktail that has ever been mixed.” Ooer. Mishkin’s revived the drink this week and if you want one of your own and can’t read the scan above, here’s what you need;

a dash of lemon juice
2/3 gin
1/6 Grand Marnier
1/6 vermouth

Shake together with ice and serve in a champagne saucer, topped off with lemon peel.

4) Christine has relocated to France! My twin has always been up for an adventure and this is just the start of a year of exciting travels for her. Follow her adventures on her blog – where there may also be a word or two from me.

5) OH MY GOD! Kris’s Meadham Kirchhoff’s photos and illustrations are spectacular. Prove positive, as if any more were needed, that Kris is the best draw-er on the internet. See the whole glorious post here.


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