First look: Maria Francesca Pepe Autumn/Winter 2012 collection

I don’t image it’s news to anyone that I’m a big fan of Maria Francesca Pepe. It features crosses! And studs! And gold!

I’ve written about her a lot on the blog and I’ve now got two pieces of her jewellery which I’m dead pleased to own – and I intend to grow my collection… I decided at some point last year to try and be a bit more nice things, less often than cheap things, all the time and although I’m sure a lot of people would consider MFP’s jewellery trend-driven or of a certain moment, I’m a big fan girl and it does feel like stuff I’ll wear for a long time, if not ever. Just the right price to feel special, but not life-changing sums of money, you know?

Anyway – the Autumn/Winter 2012 lookbook is here and it features more of the same, so I’m happy. Particularly excited about the studded knuckleduster versions of my ring (above) and the cross charm bracelets. But there’s more!

The harness trend feels like a logical place for MFP to be – I don’t think I’ll have the legs for those ones any time in this lifetime, but I do like the chestpiece. I’ve still not invested in the harness thing, but it’s more because I’ve not really seen anything I like than me having any beef with them as an idea.

And, well, this is taking the harness to the nth degree really, isn’t it? Or a first step for MFP towards clothing. I proper love this cross dress, which even manages to be a bit flapper-y… right?

You’ll be able to see and shop the new collection online in September time. Can’t freaking wait.


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