What I’ve been up to post-NYC…

Since getting back from New York I seem to have been really busy/tired/hungover, so I apologise for things being a little dry around here. Here’s some stuff I’ve been up to, in amongst writing supplements and sleeping like a dormouse.

New York nails. I bought a lifetime’s supply of OPI x Sephora Trend Tips and Sally Hansen Nail Effects, but this is a new brand for me. Kiss Nail Dress is basically exactly the same as all of the other nail wraps you’ve seen but with 3D embellishments on top. Rad! They actually spell ‘nail art cliche’ in braille.

I bought this vintage Overocean alarm clock a while ago, after seeing one in a secondhand shop and being told they wouldn’t, actually, part with it. I tracked one down on Etsy pretty easily but, alas, I can’t really use it because it’s so effing loud. I know clocks are supposed to tick, and I did grow up with a dead loud grandfather clock soothing me to sleep, but this is so loud I actually can’t bear it. So it’s sitting in the kitchen doing nothing. Any idea on how to make a clock quieter?

Never tried Cavicchioli 1928 prosecco before, but I’m always lured in by a nice bottle. These flowers are etched all over with a few stars for good measure – how tasteful. We found it in Gallonero in Stoke Newington. I know! Me, all that way up in North London.

Inspired, as ever, by my lifestyle guru, I worked through some jetlag with a ferocious clear-out and re-organisation of my dresser. It’s nice to have tossed away so much shit and allow for some focus on the products I actually use everyday. I got a pile of Dr Hauschka products in New York (they have their first spa in the Clubhouse at JFK, more on which to come) and have been rediscovering my life of Rose Day Cream. Usually I reserve it for when my skin is totally haggard, but I’ve been using it daily post-trip and suffering none of my usual flight-induced breakouts. The lipbalm is also cracking, like super-powered 8hr Cream. My predictable love of florals is pretty evident here, huh? Diptyque rose candles and Stella McCartney’s recent Print collection complete the tasteful, non-crap-filled dresser but I’m not finished yet. Next on the list is an art deco (or at least inspired) mirror so I can gaze at my face lovingly, or at least do the back of my hair better.

2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to post-NYC…

  1. Those nails are exactly up my street, makes me wish I could stop biting mine so much pah…need to reintroduce myself to the acrylic delights of the Arnedale Market I think. Also nothing worse than a ticking clock, leave it silent just look at it instead. Feel like I need another trip to NYC now. x

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