A brief history of M&S lingerie

Bit of a link love-in here, but my smashing old colleague Adam linked to my Eltham Palace post, which in turn directed me to his post mentioning the M&S Company Archive.

Proving once again that they’re pretty awesome at social media – and celebrating their reputation as underwear gurus – M&S’s social site currently features a visual history of their legendary lingerie, dating from their very first bra for flappers in 1926 via Wincette nighties and girdles right up to the Tropicana collection which launched in 1986. Bring it back, I say, sounds rad and I bet it featured a pineapple or two.

It’s a pleasurable little romp with some excellent pictures and you can even leave your lingerie memories in a comment, although I sense they may be asking for trouble with that one if they don’t moderate carefully. C’mon, if people can leave suspect messages on a hair site, they can definitely do it on a site dedicated to old pants.

While we’re on the subject (of M&S, not old pants), here are a couple of cool pictures from their archives. Don’t you wish British department stores still had restaurants like this? They still do it well in America and I lovooove Kadewe‘s insane offering in Berlin.

Check out how neatly all those stretch socks are laid out! OCD dreams come true. Don’t touch the fucking socks!

Thanks M&S, keep doing what you do so awesomely!

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