Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) I know a lot of people are fed up of hearing about Anna Dello Russo but, well, I’m not. The Coveteur documents what goes into packing for fashion week, ADR-style, here.

2) Gemma’s piece about the importance of bra-fitting is totally RIGHT ON. Read it, get your boobs measured properly, enjoy the positive changes in your life. I’m evangelical about this.

3) M.I.A. is releasing a book this October!  Apparently it’s an “autobiographical monograph in collages”. Who cares what that means, with over 300 photographs it’s going to look awesome.

4) The new Kings Cross piazza looks amazing. It’s never been a particularly beautiful station but damn, it looks good. Also, the plans make the building look like a penis.

5) And speaking of stations, Sourced Market at St Pancras is just so consistently amazing. Such a huge selection of amazing ales, ciders, beers, wines… and the food is fantastic. There is no reason whatsoever to eat a shit sandwich at the station ever again, OK?


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