Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) I know a lot of people are fed up of hearing about Anna Dello Russo but, well, I’m not. The Coveteur documents what goes into packing for fashion week, ADR-style, here.

2) Gemma’s piece about the importance of bra-fitting is totally RIGHT ON. Read it, get your boobs measured properly, enjoy the positive changes in your life. I’m evangelical about this.

3) M.I.A. is releasing a book this October! Β Apparently it’s an β€œautobiographical monograph in collages”. Who cares what that means, with over 300 photographs it’s going to look awesome.

4) The new Kings Cross piazza looks amazing. It’s never been a particularly beautiful station but damn, it looks good. Also, the plans make the building look like a penis.

5) And speaking of stations, Sourced Market at St Pancras is just so consistently amazing. Such a huge selection of amazing ales, ciders, beers, wines… and the food is fantastic. There is no reason whatsoever to eat a shit sandwich at the station ever again, OK?


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