Luisa Via Roma presents pugs for UNICEF

My fondness for pugs is pretty well documented so I can get right behind luxury fashion etailer Luisa Via Roma’s latest charity appeal, which combines the best dog in the world with some pretty big designer names.

Twenty one pug toys have been produced by leading plush toy manufacturers, Steiff, with twenty one designers adopting and customising one each. The dreamy dogs will be auctioned on eBay for UNICEF from today until 6 May 2012 – meaning you can buy one and have it shipped just in time for my birthday on the 17th May.

All proceeds from the Pug Dogs for Happy Kids campaign will go to UNICEF’s ARISE Project (Appropriate Resources for Improving Street Children’s Environment), which helps to reintegrate Bangladeshi street children back into society through education and safe, sustainable housing.

Designers involved range from Mary Katrantzou and David Koma to Versace and Worth Couture, while fellow pug-fanciers will not be surprised to hear that Valentino has also got involved [gratuitous Valentino/Pug clip].

For more information and to buy me a pug, visit Luisa Via Roma!


This is the Balmain dog – obviously. I like the chintz trousers, which contrast rather snazzily against the ornate gold armour belt and studded jacket. Not sure how comfy this would be on actual pup though.

Clearly, this is Mary Katranztou’s dog. Note the sparkly detailing on the pug’s muzzle and ears – the perfect accompaniment to the floral ensemble.

As the number one pug-fancier in fashion, I was a little surprised that Valentino didn’t go to town on his toy more. Still, this simple lead is in Valentino red and it’s studded, so I can’t really fault it. Also, there’s more dog on display and you could probably use the lead on a real one so I guess it’s a win-win situation.

I bet you can’t guess who this one is by.

It’s Versace.

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