Packing for Iceland

By the time you read this… I should be in a plane en route to Reykjavik for what feels like a very well-earned holiday. As you may well be aware, I get quite excited about packing and like to ensure I have an option for every potential turn of events. I also quite like dressing in what can really only be described as a costume, or at least thematically-relevant outfits. What can I say, I’m a woman of simple pleasures.

Our Iceland trip is a little more complicated than my usual jaunts, involving as it does PHYSICAL ACTIVITY and BAD WEATHER – probably my two least favourite categories to dress for. Still, I’m unperturbed. A new challenge, right? In the past I’ve happily ventured up mountains in entirely unsuitable gear but as this trip involves ice axes and crampons, I figured it might be time to upgrade to something that isn’t going to make me a laughing stock and which will also keep my warm, dry and safe from potential huldufólk invasion.

I’m packing my old faithful Uniqlo Heattech leggings (in jaunty Fairisle-ish print, no less) – they kept me warm enough in Oslo and also work under tights for secret stealth warm. They’re also not hideous, which seems to be a rarity in warm, sensible clothing.

I guess there’s no denying that I won’t be in this neon pink Topshop jumper for most of the trip. I wear it most days at the moment as it is, so why pretend my sloth-like habits won’t continue on holiday?

It’s not even that cold in Reykjavik at the moment but as I mentioned, I like thematic dressing and this furry ASOS hat is exactly the kind of dumb look I’m going for. It’s also warm etc. and with the addition of two horns I could perhaps even pass for an Icelandic viking.

I have to thank Kris for recommending these Palladium hiking boots to me. It’s a recurring joke amongst my outdoors-loving family that I have no suitable practical footwear, but who’s laughing now eh? They are fleece-lined and (I guess?) reasonably attractive enough that I won’t feel like a total idiot clomping around in them. They almost pass for Converse at a squint. Humour me.

Of course the real highlight of this trip is the chance to wear my Ashish x Topshop leopard-print ski jacket. I am fully anticipating being laughed off the glacier for such an ostentatious number – particularly as I have been trying it on with a big gold belt, which is definitely dumb but kind of funny to me. It may be a ridic coat in terms of looks, but it’s actually a proper ski jacket with a skirt, thumb holes and a million pockets. I luff it and am pretty happy to be wearing it somewhere cold – although, as I say… it’s not really that cold in Iceland at the moment. Again, humour me.

The most exciting part of all of this packing – for me at least – is that I have been forced to buy a pair of trousers! Omg! It felt very weird but I feel pretty smug that all the ice guardians or whatever they’re called won’t laugh at me on our hiking adventure. They are far too ugly to post a picture of for someone of my fragile sensibilities, but they’re here (obv I went pink and black). I can’t imagine it’s somewhere I’ll do a lot of shopping, but I want to mention that Trekwear is an awesome site – one-day delivery, even though I didn’t pay for it, and as nicely wrapped as anything I’ve bought from Topshop or Urban Outfitters recently. I also love that they have a broad range of sizes and that each of those sizes is available in short, medium and long leg-lengths – which, if memory serves, is one of the hardest bits of buying trousers. So thanks, Trekwear, for being awesome and making a trouser novice feel (relatively) comfortable.


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