Wanted: Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012 collection

I’d kind of forgotten how the entire Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012 collection was stolen from a train. I know, how could I? The big train that made up a large part of his Autumn/Winter presentation was a pretty obvious reminder, but there we have it – I was so entranced by the steam trains, porters and those big hats that the inspiration somehow faded into insignificance.

Anyway – Marc hasn’t forgotten. The latest addition to his ‘Special Items’ section (ie, the stuff we can afford) is a Wanted t-shirt, enabling Marc fans across the world to unite in the hunt for the criminal mastermind behind the heist – or at least to buy something that will make Marc more money to make more amazing collections. Whatevs, I’m getting one.


The t-shirt came from a poster that the company designed with the word “WANTED” above a sketched figure wearing a ski cap, dark shades, and some sort of facial scarf obscuring his/her face. The suspect’s information—including age, sex, height, weight, hair color, and eye color—was all filled in as “UNKNOWN” along with remarks about the 46-look heist (“including handbags and shoes”) that took place on a Eurostar train on its way to London from Paris. The poster and t-shirt read, “The thief is still at large and is now considered dressed to kill.”

Really do think MJ might have the best sense of humour in fashion. It’s $28 online or probably about £15 in store in the UK.


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