Found under my bed: Cosmo Girl, July 2000

My mum is a great one for not throwing things away, and luckily for me and my brother that rules extends to our bedrooms. I swear, I could move back into my bedroom and Sheffield and not need to bring a thing back with me – I mean, I would be wearing largely Hot Topic and drying my hair with this but otherwise I’d be pretty content.

On my last trip home I found this old issue of Cosmo Girl under my bed – it dates back to July 2000, which means I was 16. Old enough not to be buying Cosmo Girl, but still obsessed with Gwen Stefani… obviously. I never did find out why she was crying on the cover shoot, as evidently I’d gone through the issues with a pair of scissors and cut out every picture of her that they printed. I also couldn’t find the free Hanson stickers, more’s the pity. Here are some other highlights of the issue though;

Amazing hair page. Spiky sister is grim all round. Miss Twist hair down is awful. Miss Twist updo and Wrap Diva up and down are all great looks, ready to be recreated by me right now.

Dogs in fashion shoots; always awesome. Check out the orange shoes too!

I know I run the risk of sounding like a nostalgic wanker, but this tip in a ~fun things to do this summer~ made me a bit wistful.

This fashion shoot is all kinds of fantastic and I would 100% accept it in a magazine tomorrow without question.

This Claire’s ad deserves a mention for its product round-up alone. Bib necklace, notebook, organiser bookpack, blow-up chair. DONE.

What’s an early 2000s magazine without a quiz? Back to school style – who wants to be Natalie Portman when you could be Lil Kim?

Classic Tommy Hilfiger ad from 2000. I mean… can you believe this is a thing?

This, on the other hand, I can entirely believe was a thing because Jane cosmetics were one of those American things that I always thought were incredibly cool and Daria-esque.

Next trip home, I am determined to dig out some old J17s and Bliss magazines. They’re under that bed somewhere.


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