Furcoat favourites: week two

While I was in Iceland, apparently Spring sprung. Not sure it’s going to last (could well be over by now as I’m writing this in advance) but any chance to look at floral prints in sunny colours is good for me.

1) There’s always a nice selection of prints available at the V&A and this Hi-Artz Press design is a cheery new addition to the range. The blurb says that the design is based on northbound Swallows flying past Portland Bill lighthouse in Dorset, which is the first land many of these visitors reach after their journey across the Channel. Love a story.

2) The sun might be shining but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This bright yellow raincoat from Petit Bateau (£122) is waterproof but kinda lightweight too so it’s not like wearing a sweaty binbag, mmm. I am particularly fond of the stripy jersey hood lining.

3) Nothing says summer like a straw bag, amirite? This ASOS Straw Satchel (£28) is in the sale now and while it might not be big enough for a whole M&S picnic, there’s space for a bottle of gin and a few sausage rolls – and frankly, what more do you need?

4) The Floral Flocks collection from Oasis couldn’t be more appealing to me if it featured real ale tankard prints and F Scott Fitzgerald quotes in the lining. This Floral Print Skirt (£55) is a summer no-brainer – what else can I say about it?

5) Pissed someone off? Send ’em Adam J. Kurtz’s “Sorry I’m such an asshole” balloons. They’re $13 for 12 – save them and send one at a time if you regularly offend people, or send the lot in one go if you’ve really fucked up.

6) I know I go on about Zap lollies all the time but let’s be real, this H&M jumper (£14.99) really does look a lot like a Zap lolly.

7) Been obsessed with the Acne Fine Trash Denim Skirt (£300) for a long old time, but not entirely convinced my backside would fit into it. And, it’s £300. Still pretty dreamy though.

8) A summery update on the classic creeper from (who else) Underground. My self-imposed ‘no-creeper’ ban is very close to being broken. The Wulfrun (£89) is the perfect shade of sky-blue for summer, I full-on LUFF ’em.

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