Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) Dogs in Pubs is my new favourite website and it should be yours too. You can also follow @dogsinpubs in Twitter and submit your own photos of hounds that you’ve found. As the site says, “The perfect pub doesn’t offer fancy meals, doesn’t have settees, big screens, assorted bric-a-brac bolted to the walls, row upon row of mass produced nitrokeg fonts. It simply needs great ale and a friendly dog.”

2) On the subject of dogs, Warby Barker’s dog glasses site is a thing of beauty.

3) According to the newly released Kate Moss: Making of an Icon, Kate has now done 300 Vogue covers. 300! Fashionista has rounded up some of her best – it’s brilliant looking at how her style has changed since her first cover in 1993. Still can’t decide on my favourite, but as it’s Jubilee year let’s go with her looking regal in December 2001.

4) I rounded up all of the exhibitions that I want to see earlier this year, but Stylist has compiled a fantastic list of exhibitions worth going on holiday for in this week’s issue. Nothing better than an art-based holiday… why did I sell three days back to the company again?

5) I’ve just finished Mary S. Lovell’s biography of Beryl Markham, Straight on Till Morning. I don’t usually talk about books on here [you can see my reading history on GoodReads] but I totally recommend this one – I really enjoy Lovell’s biographies anyway, but this one is a cracker. Beryl is a fascinating woman who seems to have had her finger in just about every pie going – it’s not a hagiograpy either, because she really isn’t perfect. She flies, she rides, she hunts, she dates, she wears amazing outfits, she philanders… Just a dead good, nice and quick read. Buy buy buy!

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