Palladium Pampas in pastels

After all my worrying about finding the right footwear for Iceland, I was pretty content with my choice (and Kris‘s recommendation) of Palladium boots. Content, but not particularly excited. More fool me, evidently, because a few days after I got back from Reykjavik I got an email from ASOS informing me about their new arrival of Palladium boots – in pastel colours, no less.

I looked pretty ridiculous clambering around the snow and ice in my leopard-print gear anyway, so it’s probably for the best that I had black Palladium boots on not bright pink ones…. But now I’ve conquered my fear of sensible shoes perhaps it’s time to invest in a second pair in a nice pastel shade? Far more my kind of thing.

ASOS has Palladium Pampa boots in bright pink, mint green and a really nice chalky grey. I can happily confirm that they are mega comfy and appropriate for climbing a glacier, should you need.


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