Three unknown flappers… and a paisley bandana

I really love this photo of ‘three unknown flappers’ from 1923. I think it’s quite easy to think all flappers were these louche, soigné women who floated around London with immaculately-slicked pincurls and perfect Poiret dress. Probably more likely that they looked like this – battling with frizz on their newly bobbed hair, without the products to maintain their permanent wave while they enjoyed a seaside holiday.

Favourite is obviously lady on the left, with her paisley bandana – she just looks incredible, right?

On a sort of related note, Amanda mentioned Rik Villa in her latest post and his interpretation of the paisley bandana is really quite awesome. I’d like to channel mysterious flapper number one in this vest this summer;

Handkerchief Muscle Tank, $40, Etsy


2 thoughts on “Three unknown flappers… and a paisley bandana

  1. Amazing picture. In a way it looks like it could have been taken today… I always find it fascinating when i come across old pictures which give me that impression…

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