Snaky magic ears from A Peace Treaty

I’ve been looking for interesting ear things lately – quite a strange request, I guess, but there we have it. Earrings are so 2011.

Other than Maria Francesca Pepe’s ear cuffs – and a Topshop cuff I bought that didn’t have a gap in it for your ear – I haven’t invested in anything yet… but this Peace Treaty wormy snaky device might change that.

Inspired by indigenous tribes, the designs in the Solwara range “evoke a refashioning of relics from old myths, lost cities and legendary civilizations such as the Aztecs, Mayans, and the tribes of the Amazon and Papua New Guinea.” Ooooh mystical!

Old snaky here is hand-crafted from antiqued gold-plated brass and allegedly adjusts to fit around the ear. Will my strange-shaped ears be included in that brief? We shall see.

You can see this design and lots more on the Peace Treaty website, where you could also maybe buy it for me.

4 thoughts on “Snaky magic ears from A Peace Treaty

  1. Ooh, I like. I still mourn the loss of my fave-ever pair of earrings, which were basically just two very fine, almost floss-like, gold chains that you threaded through the hole. Obvs totally dangerous in a fight situation*, but so beautiful.

    *Hence their loss. Removed them on a night out when expecting what my dad would call “aggro”.

    1. You brute! I would expect nothing less. Hmm, can I wear this jewellery… I am likely to get in a fight later…

      That said, my friend had hoops ripped out in a fight and it was a terrible mess.

      1. They look like they would split in a fight situation and be totes safe. Remember I would always hold your earrings for you and help to Vaseline your hair if you got into an argy-bargy.

        I once saw an episode of Casualty where a policewoman had her earring ripped out. Bloody.

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