Furcoat favourites: totally tropical taste

They skirt perilously close to the wacky perimeter, but I can’t resist a Hawaiian print. My favourite Hawaiian shirt is a vintage number I was given when I was working in some fashion cupboard or other, and even though its buttons are sewn on in such a way that you can’t really do it up, I do wear it quite a bit layered under plain things. My second favourite Hawaiian-print item is a new Topshop vest, which has mysteriously vanished from the site – although you can see it here.

This Friday sees tropical-print meister Maarten van der Horst launch his collection at Topshop and while the shirt above seems to be the star item, I’ve got my eye on the dress. Really into the pink-tipped plait as well, although I can’t quite make out if it’s coloured or an accessory of some sort…

If the Maarten van der Horst range is out of your budget – or sells out – there’s plenty of other neat tropical print bits around at the moment, inspired by Maarten’s mainline collection, Stella McCartney’s resort collection and the general printimus maximus looks we’ve seen so much of recently.

1) Also at Topshop, this Hawaiian Print Bralet (£25) is strangely appealing. Not entirely how sure I’d incorporate it into day-to-day life but it’s such a cheery print I almost don’t care. Almost. I am getting too old for these purchases.

Maarten Van Der Horst

2) For a less wacky-wackster take on tropical prints, this dream MSGM Dress (£355) would be my choice. All that nice white space! Oh, and if you fancy this – or anything from Matches – you can get free delivery until 30 April with the code ‘FREE’.

3) As well as his Topshop collection, you can still get hold of the Maarten van der Horst for Lulu & Co pieces which inspired it. These Tropical Printed Shorts (£205) would require pins of steel, but I bloody love them anyway.

4) If proof were needed that this floral abundance thing was a big deal, check out these Flora Tapestry-Weave Loafers (£225) from Church’s, of all people. Slightly more subtle, but still rather more snazzy than Thomas Church would probably have imagined.

5) This kind of reminds me of those Vera Bradley bags, but is that such a bad thing? I’m a fan of big squishy weekend bags and this Accessorize Tiki Crazy tote (£40) has a smashing print. It’s also called Tiki Crazy, and who isn’t crazy about tiki? No-one.


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