Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. The beauty routines of two of my favourite women have been published – on separate blogs – over the course of this week. Find out where Chloe Sevigny gets here hair done here, and see what beauty products Leigh Lezark rates here.

2. I think this is old news, but Hamilton Richardson’s reviews of Mr Men books on Amazon are probably the funniest thing I’ve seen this week.

3. IT’S NATIONAL STILTON WEEK. How about you eat a pile of it to celebrate? Here, Stylist have even made a list of which beers you should have to accompany your feast.

4. The GRAMMY Museum in LA has just opened a new exhibition, in association with Revolver magazine. Golden Gods: the History of Heavy Metal sounds like it might just be the best exhibition of the year with interactive exhibits (including a ‘scream booth’) as well as enough metal artefacts to fill a billion branches of Hard Rock Cafe. I was delighted to hear that Andrew WK’s Party Hard outfit plays a starring role!

5. I’m always happy to hear about new local businesses, particularly when they involve food. The New Cross Dining Co  provides supper-club style dining in various pop-up locations in the neighbourhood – I haven’t had chance to visit yet, but they’re currently at The London Particular with a smashing-sounding menu which involves ham hock and herrings… in one dish. Yum. Find out more and book here!

6. PS I am so excited that Harriet has started another blog (as well as updating her old one) – you might be busy with work at the moment, HRH, but more of this please!

One thought on “Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

  1. Oh my god I made it on to Furcoat Fridays!!1 *preens* Well, between work and the book, I shall try to keep both my blogs updated. Uh, who needs sleep, right? Besos!

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