Furcoat favourites: night in

The past few weeks have been dumb dumb dumb with work, birthdays, wedding re-runs and just a bit more work. This week sees more of the same, but I’m pretty excited to note that I have nothing at all planned for the weekend except for being a massive slob, probably eating Dominos and definitely doing some well-earned bonus-spending.

1) The quest for the perfect beanie continues, inspired by Laura’s glittery ASOS number and babes like Strutt remind me how good they look. Grey marl is the best but hasn’t been too prevalent in my hat hunt, so this Coal Scout Beanie, £22, leaps to the top of my list. Also features A WOLF PATCH.

2) Something eternally appealing about costume jewellery with slobby gear, especially when there’s more of that marl magic involved. These Mango Touch Chandelier earrings, £29.99 are pretty, pretty nice – although I think they’re clip-ons, which I never seem to get on with.

3) The latest issue of the Persephone magazine arrived this week, which is always a treat. I really recommend you subscribe to it (for free!) – the short stories are always brill, the reviews are interesting and the diary dates page always makes me want to take a few days off work to do something interesting and sociable. Anyway – I’m falling behind on my Persephone reading, but the recently added Greenbanks by Dorothy Whipple is another addition to the wishlist. Really love Dorothy’s writing – Someone at a Distance blew me away.

4) I really love the print on this might-T Alien t-shirt, £115. Go to the website and have a zoom – aliens and octopuses and all sorts o’ cool stuff! You can get 15% off everything at Young British Designers at the moment if you enter the code YBD15 too!

5) What’s a night in without gin? The Botanist, £34 is a limited edition brew from Islay in the Inner Hebrides. Cool huh?

6) A night in also requires nail painting and Topshop’s Eclipse shade, £6 is a pretty fine choice. A little bit beetle-ish, a little bit deco, a little bit goth.

7) I quite fancy being a slob in style with these Zoe Karssen Bat-Print Track Pants, £108. How does she combine a motif and some jersey for something brill every time?


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