All pink, all the time

It’s been a pink kind of a week.

The Maybelline x P’trique video announcing Charlotte Free as their new spokeswoman is absolutely excellent. Really shows that Maybelline know what’s going on in the world – and they earn a massive thumbs-up from me for choosing pink-haired goddess Charlotte anyway.

The Fashionable Pub Quiz was partnered with Barbie this week, which meant Shoreditch House looked rather more pink than usual. Especially after Laura made pink glitter glue explode all over the ceiling. Check out Iso‘s Barbie-friendly pink fluffy sweater, making a guest appearance.

[Pink telephone is also from the Maybelline video]

This week I invested in the pink version of ~that Zara wing-tipped blouse. It’s actually more of a pastel pink, but I guess the neon of my Topshop jumper effed with the photo. This is what I’m wearing today. I hope the guy on our floor who always tell me I look ‘colourful’, accompanied with a grimace, will approve.

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