Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) All of your favourite Prada Spring/Summer 2012 items, turned into magic gifs. The brains behind the brilliance is Armenian-born, Paris-based artist Vahram Muratyan. See the whole set on the Hint mag site.

2) The Great Gatsby at Wilton’s not good enough for you? Book now to see Gatz – an epic eight-hour reading of every word of the entire Fitzgerald novel which is coming to the capital as part of the London Literary Festival. I sincerely doubt I’d be able to listen to people reading for eight hours without falling asleep like the baby that I am, but it sure sounds like fun. At the Noel Coward Theatre from 8 June, but book your tickets now to avoid disappointment.  PS There’s a 90-minute break for dinner in the middle, if you were worried. [Pic via London Literary Festival]

3) This weekend you can join the London Architecture Walks group for an art deco-themed stroll around the city. It’s £15 and you need to make sure you book, but I’m sure it’ll be worth every penny. As well as seeing some of the capital’s best deco architecture, you’ll also learn the stories of some of the chaps behind the buildings – and they are predominantly chaps, let’s be honest. Fingers crossed my favourite building – the Express offices – are included. [Pic via Wikipedia]

4) Artist Will Broome – perhaps best known for creating the ‘Miss Marc’ character for Marc Jacobs – is taking up residency at Selfridges this weekend. Housed in the magnificent Shoe Galleries, Will is going to be ‘illustrating the store’ in what sounds like a jolly exciting pop-up studio scenario. London-based Will started collaborating with MJ in 2003 and his Miss Marc cartoon swiftly became one of the brand’s most recognised motifs. He’ll be in the Shoe Galleries on Level 2 on Saturday 28 April between 4 and 7pm and on Sunday 29 April between 3 and 6pm. What a lot of drawing! [Pic via Selfridges]

5) I feel like I’ve already mentioned this, but evidently not. Vanessa has constructed a Mad Men Spotify playlist with every (available) song in all five series. It cured my hangover the other week – medicinal properties as well as mood-enhancing ones. [Dream gif via Nobody Puts Baby in a Horner]

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