Behind the scenes with Marni handbags

Marni can do very little wrong in my eyes and this behind-the-scenes video for their Spring/Summer 2012 woven bags just makes ’em even more loveable. So nicely done and such an interesting technique too – I do like to see the factory process from start to finish, especially that pasta-machine-looking device squeezing out the leather. The stretched weaving frame is pretty special too – reminds me of my mum’s proggy rugs but on a way more glamorous scale.

Watch and learn – it’s a lovely little film.

As for the bags, the chunky leather/satin weave in Marni’s usual sexy-sludgy colours has the feel of those woven shoppers that Luis Vuitton so famously fancied-up but on a more jumbo scale.

Now isn’t that lovely? Little teeny tiny strips of super-soft leather all woven together for a tan, tasselly dream. Not convinced? They do it in about a million other colours and varying sizes too, so if you fancy a bigger weave, no worries:

Of course they’re still massively outside of my budget – but if I was going to part with a grand on a nice handbag, I’d like it to have a special film of its own documenting its journey from stringy tagliatelle leather to beautiful structured grown-up lady bag.


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