Furcoat Favourites: Bad moods and booze

I was in a filthy mood yesterday when I started this. I’m totally over it now (GIRLS EH) but here you go anyway, with a few lighter additions.

1) My love of expensive candles knows no bounds so this new arrival at Liberty immediately caught my eye. The Santal 26 from Le Labo, £40 is like a PicturelessPins tweet in action. Battered aluminium paint tin with individual hand-printed label containing leather-scented candle.

2) It’s true! I Probably Hate You! Just in at Supermarket Sarah, this Steak MTN scarf, £15 tells it like it is.

3) My favourite PR had a Margot Tenenbaum look going on when I saw her earlier this week, with a smattering of black grips stacked up the side of her blonde bob. Total bad-ass lo-fi hair look. These COS Hairslides, £3 may be a more expensive version of the bobbypins you can get anywhere, but they come in a very tasteful, very COS, palette of black, grey and navy blue.

4) Drippy text is my weakness. Love the silver print on this Evil Twin Dark Days shirt, £35.

5) Glitter and studs are a winning combo in my predictable world. These Topshop Whoopido Glitter Stud Wedges, £78 are very much the object of my affections this week, even though I am increasingly incapable of walking in ‘big’ shoes as I’ve taken to calling them. I am old. But want teenagers’ shoes.

6) I love fancy booze,and Tequila Chamucos, £61.99 takes the cake as fanciest of fancy booze. The flying devils on the label are pretty awesome but does it make the tequila worth that much? Not sure, but willing to take the challenge on for the sake of everyone else’s palates.

7) I know the Rude Little Black Book, $10 has done the rounds already, but there’s something massively appealing about the ideas of whipping out this People I want to Punch in the Face Moleskine in the midst of a meeting. Mmm, rage.


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