Kenna makes me look a Jean-Pierre Braganza model – in my dreams

My favourite hair of London Fashion Week was the French-pleat-meets-messy-beehive created by the lovely Kenna for ghd at Jean-Pierre Braganza… so when I got the chance to have the style recreated on my very own head by the man himself it was a bit of a no-brainer.

Pulled tight at the back into the perfect pleat (cheat tip: half my hair was twisted into a ponytail against the back of my head to reduce bulk first), the top section was then backbrushed like whoa and wrapped around into a fluffy beehive of Mr Whippy proportions.

The final touch, as at the show, was that amazing choppy fringe. Back at LFW, Kenna chose a colour two or three shades different from the models’ natural hair then hacked into it for a punky, DIY feel. For the ghd trend preview evening they only had a couple of shades available, but it just so happens that the brunette hue was a perfect match for my (grimly visible) roots. Woe.

Most of the journalists seemed to opt for the beautiful braids and low buns that Kenna did at Fyodor Golan and Basso & Brooke respectively, but evidently I like to make a scene and choose something completely ridiculous. Whatevs, it was brill hair and I love Kenna and the ghd team for going to town on it.

You can see how the look was created IRL at LFW here!

6 thoughts on “Kenna makes me look a Jean-Pierre Braganza model – in my dreams

  1. Twin, I respect the height, should’ve stuck a few plastic birds and flowers in there to finish it off. Mad props for the phone cover + nail combo obvs xxx

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