Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) I still haven’t been to the Bauhaus exhibition at the Barbican (it’s on the list for my birthday weekend), but I’ve been eyeing up the events around it anyway. On Saturday 19 May there’s a guided walk by the Twentieth Century Society around the city showcasing some of the country’s best Bauhaus (and inspired) architecture. I’ve been on one of these walks before and it was utterly brill so I’d recommend you book this one if you can – it’s  £15 but that includes entry to the exhibition too.

2) The Dover Street Market sale is on this weekend. Say no more, see you there.

3) Art by Art Jacobs. Only Marc Jacobs could turn vandalism into a branding exercise. Except… is it really vandalism?

4) Have you seen Ask a Grown Man with Jon Hamm yet? Don Draper answering teenage girl’s questions for Rookie.

5) I’ve read a few blog posts about the Swedish Hasbeens performance at Selfridges, but I didn’t realise that one of my favourite bloggers was behind it. Some really cool behind-the-scenes pictures on Decida Style – which you should definitely subscribe to/bookmark now if you aren’t already a devotee.


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