Beautiful Beacon vintage robes

I was watching the Big Bang Theory in the gym the other day (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write) when I became quite enamoured with one of the character’s dressing gowns (much more predictable sentence).

Luckily this show which I know nothing about has some pretty dedicated fans, because all I had to do was type in ‘Big Bang Theory robe’ to find a site telling me precisely what I was looking at.

Excuse my ignorance, but apparently this fellow Leonard is wearing a vintage robe from Beacon – a blanket manufacturing company who don’t seem a million miles apart from my beloved Hudson’s Bay Point Blankets.

Sadly, Beacon closed in 2002 and even more sadly the abandoned factory burned down in 2003.  A sorry end to a grand old company – in the 1930s they were selling over 20 million blankets per year and ‘Beacon’ became a generic term for that style of blanket.

The super-fans of Big Bang Theory say that this robe is probably from the 1960s which actually makes it a bit of a special rarity – one of those vintage finds that you discover and don’t realise the significance of until a bored afternoon when you Google the label…

My next step was obviously to try and find myself a Beacon robe – I do like my loungewear, after all – but what do you know? It’s not that easy.

I found a couple on Etsy, which are still resplendent with that braided trim and matching tie, although neither of the prints are quite as jaunty as I would like. Must keep eyes peeled on any upcoming American adventures…

1) Some kind of holy grail of Beacon robe, from the very lucky Indian Summer Vintage. The blog hasn’t been updated for a while, which is a shame when you see posts like THIS!

2) Unsung Sewing Patterns is a really great site too, with all sorts of wonderful finds – including this vintage Beacon ad. A beautiful soft robe with slippers to match? Cor.

3) The Western Costume Company in Hollywood has Beacons up for hire! Perhaps that’s were the Big Bang gang found their prime specimen?

4) A fabulous turn-of-the-century Beacon gown from Etsy. A few signs of wear-and-tear but it looks pretty great for its age to me.

5) A 1940s striped Beacon blanket robe, again from Etsy. Love the stripes on this, proper old man’s dressing gown business right there. I couldn’t tell you why, but it makes me think of Dennis the Menace’s dad.

[Big Bang Theory pic via GoldCountryGirls]

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