ASOS Holiday shop: More looks, less luggage

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ASOS are attempting to eliminate the usual sitting-on-suitcase scenario this summer with their More Looks, Less Luggage campaign. Timed to coincide with the launch of the ASOS Holiday Shop, it’s all about getting maximum outfits out of minimum packing – after all, with airline baggage charges on the rise, why would you want to waste any precious holiday spends on your suitcase?

I’ve joined the challenge to create my dream holiday capsule wardrobe – and as we’re talking dreams, I’m dreaming big. This is a wardrobe for a ridiculous Californian road trip, taking in a bit of Joshua Tree, Palm Springs and – of course – Las Vegas. It might not be the most logical road trip in terms of route, but this is supposed to be a dream holiday and they’re the places haunting my waking thoughts at the moment.

I don’t go into any challenge lightly, so my first step was to scour some of my favourite fashion editorials for inspiration. I think desert, I think… Wildfox campaigns, denim, slouchy t-shirts, ridiculous jewels (well, Vegas is at the end), cat-eyes, white heels, ugly prints… and lots of bleached-out colour.

Here’s what I got – keep clicking through to the ASOS Holiday Shop to show me you love me – most clicks wins and I promise I’ll share the winnings.

1) ASOS Pencil Skirt and Crop Top in Check Taffeta, £32 and £25 – Palm Springs pool + large cocktail = this outfit

2) ASOS Oversized Tex Mex Skull Backpack, £40 – neon skulls and an Aztec print… I’m pretty sure you could fit your entire wardrobe in here if you packed well.

3) Converse All Star Ox Trainers, £40 – because when your Cadillac breaks down in the desert, you need sensible shoes

4) ASOS Hepburn Leather Platform High Sandals, were £95 now £76 – because when your Cadillac starts working again, you want to be in good shoes

5) ASOS Hawaiian-Print Cap, £18 – really feeling like I need to buy a baseball cap this summer and  it might as well feature a lovely trashy print

6) ASOS Air Con Fan, £5 – it gets pretty hot out there in summer, and this is a far more stylish option than fanning yourself with an old copy of National Enquirer.

7) ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses with Mix Frame, £12 – I love ASOS sunglasses, they’re really sturdy but surprisingly cheap. I dig the white and leopard-print combo on these.

8) ASOS Pack of 50 Gummies, £8 – feels like the right time to reinvest in gummy bands, especially when they incorporate this dreamy pastel palette.

9) and 10) ASOS Flower & Jewel Drop Earrings, £15 and ASOS Gem Drop Earrings, £8 – these earrings are already the best thing I’ve bought this summer and I’m tempted to get the Barbie-heavy pink ones too. Fabulous is the only word.

11) ASOS SALON Kaftan Dress with Bright Embroidery, £120 – it’s a white kaftan with neon floral embroidery – I’m not entirely sure that any item of clothing says ‘desert drive to Las Vegas’ more.

12) ASOS Dip Dye Jumper, £42 – it gets cold in the desert at night, but not so cold that you have to sacrifice looking nice.

13) ASOS Distressed Boyfriend Denim Shorts, £30 – the perfect pair of shorts for those of us who don’t do hotpants. Perfect length, perfect amount of ripping, perfect wash.

14) ASOS Plate and Spike Detail Belt, £15 – white leather, gold studs.

15) ASOS Petite Sleeveless Tie Front Denim Shirt, £25 – my favourite kind of top at the moment, and a brushed-denim, pale pink option fits my desert-dream colour scheme perfectly.

16) ASOS T-Shirt With Bright Paisley Print, £22 – a lovely slouchy t-shirt with a print that we know is pretty on-trend, but also feels totally relevant for a round of mini golf at a Palm Springs resort.

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