Furcoat Favourites: Ridiculous birthday wishlist

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so here are the things I’m hoping to unwrap when I wake up. Well, maybe if I wake up in a parallel universe.

1) I think I’m long overdue a Judith Leiber handbag, and while a poodle, polar bear or slice of cake might be appealing, this Studded Sphere, $3,195 is perhaps a more classic look.

2) Maria Francesca Pepe is my favourite, and this gunmetal Safety Pin Earring, £65 would be a welcome addition to my collection.

3) Christopher Kane’s Resort collection is the stuff of dreams, and this Neon Wool-Blend Crepe Biker Jacket, £1,100 is one of my favourite pieces. Mmm, pink crepe.

4) Ostentatious jewellery is a fine gift for any gal – especially when it’s also a bit creepy. These Bibi van der Velden Quartz Earrings, £2,790 are like the fanciest door-knockers you ever did see.

5) The Jil Sander Veiled Beanie, £290, might be last season’s most statement accessory, but I reckon I could force myself to wear it year-round, every year.

6) I saw a picture of Alexa Chung in the Yves Saint Laurent Ingénue Suede and Metal Slingbacks, £735 this week and it was love at first sight. Black and gold is always going to be a winning combo and providing you didn’t fall over drunk and scuff the shiny bits, these would be a proper timeless purchase.

7) Designer trainers are a favourite fantasy-land daydream for me, so no surprise that the Mulberry Tiger Sneakers, £450 have won my heart. Tiger is fast becoming the new leopard for me, it appears.


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