Pineapple print: the menswear way

I’ve seen a lot of pineapple items in the shops this spring, and what with the whole tropical print trend still looming over us, I’m sure we’ll be faced with plenty more throughout the summer.

Unfortunately, my ridiculously anal fussiness for prints means that while I’m appreciating a lot of pineapples, I’ve not actually bought anything. Prints are so killer to me – a slightly too-thick outline and I won’t buy it. A slightly too-large scale and I hate it. See also; a slighty t00-small scale. Anything that looks like something we did in Photoshop class during the first year of our degree. Bad cut-outs. And so it goes on.

Today, however, I have found two fantastic pineapple designs – and both from menswear labels.

The wonderful Charlie Porter mentioned the magic ‘P’ word on Twitter, sharing his latest purchase from Head Porter. This lovely hoodie might appear to be quite a plain, tasteful sweater but the lining is a pure tropical treat. You can buy the Head Porter Aloha Sweat Parka from The Hideout in London, or at the Head Porter online store. I won’t tell you how much it is, because it will only depress us.

At some point while I was trying to find another UK stockists for that treat, I came across this Our Legacy Reversible Pineapple Sweater. Ooh, I’m into that. This one is slightly less embarrassingly expensive, at about £80. I did say slightly.

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