Lucy Danziger-inspired lingerie from Fox & Rose

I started to watch 1920s epic Boardwalk Empire on a plane a couple of years ago – I watched three episodes and although it was obviously right up my street, the combination of a few gins and a holiday meant that by the time I got back to England, I somehow lost interest and never got round to watching any more.

Pleased to report that I got the box set for my birthday and am now getting up to speed – five episodes in two nights, almost as good as my Wire series one consumption rate. I can’t tell you how much better it is watching the series on a laptop in bed – sitting on a plane you’re very conscious that Paz de la Huerta’s magnificent chest is kind of in everyone’s face and all that foot-stamping-face-action is hard to hide from.

When I got an email from Fox & Rose this morning about the new 1920s-inspired lingerie from Shell Belle Couture, it was Paz – or rather her character, Lucy Danziger –  that I thought of. She spends most of the show lounging around in silky step-ins, robes and gowns – often purchased from little old nervous Margaret Schroeder. Imagine being Kelly Macdonald and spending hours with your face in Paz’s crotch helping her get into her knickers?

The range comprises some beautiful short suits, cut-out gowns with deco-inspired panels and lots and lots of beautiful lace. Just add a heaving bosom and feathered headband and you’re all set to sit on Nucky’s lap and drink some moonshine.

[Boardwalk Empire pictures from TVGuide, FanPop and Vermilion Style]


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