Furcoat Favourites: Pink stinks

Nah it doesn’t!

In the wise words of Emma Bunton, “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of wearing pink.” What can I say, it’s the most flattering colour on me and there’s nothing I like more than redheads in pink – see; Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks, Karen Elson, Twin.

1) I’ve been looking for a pink cropped jacket for a long old time and this River Island Pearl Collar Jacket, £50 might be my lucky chosen one. So glam-nana, it looks almost perfect.

2) This Acne Angora Crew Knit, £170 might be a particularly Barbie shade, but the slouchy grungy shape somehow makes it less Pony Club.

3) Really into the sugary pastel shade of these Stella McCartney Sunglasses, £151 – also in black, grey and brown.

4) Jaeger’s Diamond Jubilee collection features some fantastic mega-zoomed diamond graphics, but I like the cluster of stones on this Small Diamond Print Scarf, £40 – hands down the most tasteful interpretation of the jubilee that I’ve seen yet.

5) Scale this Moschino Cheap & Chic Lady Love Bag, £330 down a few notches and can’t you see Barbie herself strutting around with it? Probs full of phone numbers, boxes of Vogue fags and old train tickets.

6) Still not through with COOL ROCKS and this Vamoose Leather and Amethyst Bracelet, £26 is particularly appealing.

7) The delightful Topshop Jancey Mid Heel Ballerinas, £42 could be my new favourite work shoes – if only for the fact that they have gold hardware rather than silver.


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