Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) COS has teamed up with Clifton Nurseries for a second year, launching a pop-up store to celebrate the Chelsea flower show. And what weather for it! You can sample the glorious Clifton experience at the Brompton Road branch of COS until 28 May – flowers, plants, nice clothes… what’s not to love? [Pic: PR]

2) You’ve still got time to listen to both SHIRLEY EFFIN MANSON and CHLOE RUDDY SEVIGNY on Woman’s Hour. If, for some weird reason, you haven’t already. Shirley‘s show is here and Chloe‘s is here. [Pic: Breaking the Line]

3) Kris Atomic’s guide to photo apps for the iPhone is probably the best thing I’ve read all week. So comprehensive – don’t take any photos again before you read it. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying playing around with my Iceland pictures – it really is the most photogenic country in the world. Oh and another reminder that I’m @furcoat on Instagram if you want to see the results. [Pic: mine]

4) I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed Tatler’s Jubilee issue. Just buy it and see what I mean. Sample article: Kippers, aspic and gin – dine like the Queen for a day!¬†[Pic: Dents]

5) Just when I thought I couldn’t geek out about Ercol furniture any more, I find out that Margaret Howell is reissuing classic designs? I’m not sure how long this behaviour has been going on, but now the range is catalogued online it sure makes me want a house even more than ever. [Pic: Margaret Howell]

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