Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) Frank’s Campari Bar will be back in Peckham at the end of June but before we can all enjoy the booze and views, the thing needs to be built. If you’d like to volunteer your services, Time Out has all the details. All skill levels welcome, so don’t worry if you’re not equipped with Handy Andy skills. [Picture: Who’s Jack]

2) Skate Moss combines two of my favourite things for a cool online design project. Launched by Jeff Gaudinet, the site allows Kate obsessives, designers and skaters alike to contribute their own Mossy deck, just by downloading a template.  Simple, effective, and it features Queen Kate so it’s obviously great. [Picture: Sophie Yerly on Skate Moss]

3) Stately Sandwiches also combines two of my favourite things – sandwiches and things neatly lined up. It’s a work in progress by Kelly Pratt, collating and documenting the favourite sandwiches of each American state. As well as the awesome pictures (which will soon be available as prints), there are also authentic recipes for each delicious sandwich. [Picture: Kelly Pratt]

4) Doing my biannual search for information about Chicks (the early 00s Dublin girl punk band) and I came across an interview from Hot Press that I hadn’t read before. This search also threw up the disappointing reminder that they used Comic Sans on their album cover! I guess it was a simpler time. God I loved them. [Picture:]

5) Our neighbours are moving out, and because they are such nice people who know me so well, they bestowed me with a hefty supply of old issues of ELLE Decoration. In one issue, I read about Jayne Wrightsman and have since fallen in to one of my usual obsessive k-holes. I must consume all knowledge about this marvellous woman. There’s a fantastic interview from Vanity Fair on the Chic Savage blog which I have been slowly but surely ploughing through this week – it is really, really interesting and Jayne is really, really interesting… but every night this week I’ve got a few lines in and fallen asleep. This says more about my tiredness than Jayne I assure you, so you should definitely still read it. [Picture: Rare Vintage]

6) The excellent Mahogany Bar at Wilton’s Music Hall is a really, really good place for a night out and they’re now offering FREE food every week night! [Except over the Bank Holiday.] There’ll be a whole range of aperitivos (Italian snacks) on offer – just like on holiday, eh? One of my favourite holiday food mems will always be going on a free-food crawl with our friend who lives in Madrid. Sit at the bar, get one of those little beers, inhale free ham and cheese and croquettes and fish, repeat as necessary. I think we got in at five the next morning and all we paid for were one euro mini-beer treats. HAPPY DAYS, which I shall aim to recreate at Wilton’s all summer long. [Picture: mine]


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